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Diamonds truly are a girl's best friend! • bursretino.tk

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More Art by Ryder. Email Please complete this field. First Name Please complete this field. But while designer brands have played a part, the rising sales have mostly been driven by cheaper imported handbags and own-label imitation designs. Supermarkets are also branching out into the lucrative accessories market. Their market share rose by per cent between and Tamara Mellon, the owner of the Jimmy Choo label, said she had seen a major change in the accessory market. Last year a study found that 60 per cent of women own at least 10 handbags, while three per cent have at least While men may remain baffled by the attraction of handbags, some light has been shed on what they contain.

Typically, they include a mobile phone, a purse, a hairbrush, perfume, a make-up bag, a leather diary or personal organiser and house and car keys. In summer months, a pair of sunglasses usually joins the collection.

Publishers wishing to reproduce photographs on this page should phone 44 0 or e-mail syndication telegraph. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. The jewel that is seen is also the jewel that is heard. There are heart-shaped diamonds. The strength of the diamond, its uniform, crystalline structure, has no air within it, no air for sound to reverberate within it.

The heart, however, is quite loud, for even in the greatest of silences, we can always hear our hearts.

There is no sound within a diamond, no pockets of air, at least in flawless diamonds. Furthermore, this diamond-idea is related to the idea of the Holy Trinity, particularly in relation to the Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost. The correspondence of the Mystical Kabbala has the diamond represent the idea of one in three.

God is the three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. A dove, with its wings outspread, forms a diamond shape, four diagonals join its tail, two wings and beak. Back to diamonds.


If diamonds facilitate the transmission of sound to our ears, conceivably we are in the position of duplicating the Trinity. Singer-musicians breathe into our ears when we hear the record. Augustine thought that Mary was fertilized in such a fashion.

Diamonds are a girl's best friends

We, as listeners to music, to the diamond ring, receive the spirit, the voice, the breath. The eternal love of the Holy Spirit for the Father and the Son congrues with the diamond, this symbol of steadfast love. The Holy Ghost, as a four-cornered dove, or diamond stylus, is eternal, despite the relative duration of a diamond stylus being only — hours of playing time. Synthetic diamonds are made from graphite when extremely high temperatures and pressures are exerted on the substance that allows us to write, the pencil with its graphite.

A stereo pick-up has a diamond stylus for writing out the record grooves into the air, and it is a diamond, derived from carbon, just as another writing implement has only simple carbon within it.

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Imagine writing with a diamond tipped pencil. This is odd, since oil is what makes up record discs, them being played by diamonds, and them being mined by diamonds. This association finds its truth in the myths of junk taken by musicians. They may have made albums or not and what albums they play a pick-up needle is needed, or if their need for junk is great, they use a needle full of prepared heroin to pick them up. A diamond stylus, if pressed hard enough, could puncture your skin, while a needle and syringe will accomplish the act.

These associations should be placed next to the mythology of drug-taking musicians or music lovers, reinforced by the stylus that lets them hear their own music.

The heroin and cocaine addict demonstrates, though not completely, that such consumption is an allegory of a pulverized diamond stylus. The ritual of cocaine or heroin ingestion through the nose remains within this general crystallization that the diamond idea secretly originates. The crystal powder is cut into lines over a pane of glass or mirror. A razor is often used, a highly sharp tool whose cutting power metaphorically resides with the cutting power of the diamond.


Well, this is embarrassing…

If glass or a mirror is used for the razor to cut the dust up on, we then encounter a crystal cut by a near crystal on a crystal; crystals are cut by crystals on crystals; diamonds are cut by diamonds on a diamond; diamond styluses are cut by diamonds on diamond records, enabling more pulverization, the pulverization of the diamond stylus that fictively becomes the precious powder we put into our bodies. And all of this is accompanied by a loud rapping of the razor on the mirror as it divides up the powder.

A diamond stylus elicits sound just as the razor, another sharp implement, elicits peals into the air. One procedure in coke or heroin taking consists of using a pen empty of its ink-filled cartridge. The hollow tube allows easy suction of whatever drug under question.

Again, another writing implement enters into a ritual of drug taking. A few words on the nose. The nose is a prosthetic extension of the body, it is an appendage of the body, particularly the face. Jacques Lacan said that recognition of an ego is recognition of a nose.