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We could use many more of him to drive new economic activity. As late as April, fore-casters were calling for Brazil and Russia the first two of the BRIC nations to grow by about 4 percent through , while India was to speed ahead at slightly over 8 percent and China at 9.

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That forecast now looks optimistic, but these emerging economies have the size and dynamism to reenergize the world economy. The unemployment rate is already above 10 percent in the European Union compared with 8.

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Europe's financial crisis and economic contraction threaten to push it higher still. The faster its job growth, the easier its debt problems can be solved. In the face of political gridlock, the Federal Reserve has been the one Washington institution able to take action to contain crises.

But it has been understaffed throughout the financial crisis. Only five of seven governors are in place. The president and the Senate should fill the vacancies.

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Existing home sales have been running at a 5 million annual clip with new sales around , Once the housing market hits bottom, perhaps combined sales can move back to a healthier combined level of 6 million. Growth is essential for creating jobs and easing Washington's budget strains.

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  7. But the tepid 2 percent growth of recent quarters isn't enough to trim the rolls of the unemployed. A stretch goal to be sure — the US hasn't created 4 million jobs in a single year since But even that miraculous growth would leave payroll employment more than 2 million below its peak before the worst of the financial crisis. Despite all the hype, the super committee failed to make any headway on America's fiscal challenges.

    That proved a bridge too far. The euro doesn't make sense for Greece — and probably at least one other debt-laden nation on Europe's periphery.

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    A Christian Science Perspective. Monitor Movie Guide. After the recent loss of her son Sean—a minor character in The Christmas Blessing —Patty Addison Madeleine Stowe devotes herself to finding homes for needy children. The loss of Sean has strained Patty's relationship with her husband Mark, an airline pilot.

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    But they reconnect emotionally when they take in Emily, a 9-year-old orphaned in a car accident similar to the one that killed Sean. At the same time Dr. Nathan Andrews—the one character that connects the entire film trilogy—is trying to find the parents of a boy who died in the ER, and Mark is trying to help one of his son's friends. By the end of the film, all three stories are intertwined as they all look for Emily, who has run away.

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