Clinical Cases in Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry (Clinical Cases (Dentistry))

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Case 3 Complete implant-supported nonremovable maxillary and mmandibular reconstructions; transitioning from natural teeth that were not predictably restorable Case 4 Maxillary extractions, immediate implant placement, immediate loading, and complete nonremovable zirconia restoration with pink porcelain Case 5 Mandibular implant bar—supported full removable denture converted to a nonremovable restoration to improve comfort of the neutral zone and phonetics Case 1 Severe anterior open bite corrected with maxillary-only orthognathics and occlusal therapy with upper incisor restorations Case 2 Mandibular orthognathic surgery and chin implant; managing a temporomandibular disorder during treatment; posterior restorative dentistry including implants Case 3 Maxillary and mandibular orthognathic surgery with chin advancement; prerestorative occlusal therapy with equilibration and composite additions Case 1 Restoration of worn lower anterior teeth in a deep bite without changing other restorations Case 2 Severe wear from parafunctional habits restored with a complete reconstruction at an increased vertical dimension of occlusion Case 1 Full maxillary periodontal-restorative reconstruction improving aesthetics and function; lower posterior reconstruction following conventional surgery, bone and soft tissue grafts, covering recession Case 2 Posterior reconstruction in conjunction with conventional periodontal surgery; root resection, pocket elimination Case 1 Hopeless maxillary central incisor transitioned to an implant-supported restoration delayed placement and delayed loading with crowns on the remaining incisors along with occlusal therapy Case 2 Extraction and immediate implant placement, delayed loading, and restoration maxillary central incisors; pink porcelain to simulate papilla Case 3 Congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors, orthodontics to open lateral incisor space, dental implants, and other aesthetic improvements Case 4 Congenitally missing upper right cuspid; upper right lateral incisor lost in an accident; implant placed in cuspid position with 2-unit cantilever restoration, pink porcelain to simulate gingival Case 5 Maxillary central incisor extracted and replaced with a dental implant, delayed placement, and delayed loading Case 1 Maxillary implant-supported bar-retained removable partial denture along with tooth-supported restorations to reconstruct occlusion and vertical dimension Case 2 Combination mandibular fixed anterior—removable posterior reconstruction with Locator attachments Case 1 Maxillary bar—supported removable partial denture; lower crowns with semiprecision removable partial denture Case 2 Maxillary fixed partial dentures with precision removable partial denture; mandibular bar—supported complete denture Case 3 Maxillary telescope case: alumina copings on natural teeth and removable overstructure; mandibular telescope case: Galvano copings on natural teeth and nonremovable overstructures Case 4 Mandibular anterior fixed partial denture and posterior removable partial denture with implants and Locator attachments for added support and retention; maxillary reconstruction, telescope case with 1 dental implant included along with 6 teeth Case 1 Maxillary extensive bone graft followed by implant-supported bars and bar-supported overdenture after managing a temporomandibular disorder; flange needed for lip support necessitating a removable rather than a nonremovable approach Case 2 Severe maxillary and mandibular resorption; maxillary bone grafting; maxillary and mandibular implant-supported bar and bar-supported dentures; flange needed for lip and cheek support necessitating a removable rather than a nonremovable approach Case 2 Failed multiple reconstructions; original deep overbite with current condition in provisionals with an opened vertical dimension and anterior overjet; managed with a new reconstruction harmonizing a physiologic deep overbite Case 3 Maxillary reconstruction combined with extractions and periodontal surgery to improve periodontal architecture; landmarks of lower acceptable with minor modification Case 4 Full mouth reconstruction utilizing crown-lengthening surgery, extractions, single crowns, veneers, and a fixed partial denture sequenced over 2 years Case 5 Maxillary complete fixed partial denture on 9 Galvano telescopic copings; mandibular anterior fixed partial denture on 4 Galvano copings Undetected location.

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This is a dummy description. Clinical Cases in Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry describes the principles and demonstrates their practical, every-day application through a range of representative cases building from the simple to the complex and from the common to the rare.

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Description Wiley-Blackwell's 'Clinical Cases' series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. You just clipped your first slide!