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If you are asked for a terminal type, respond with vt or whatever is appropriate for your terminal type and press RETURN. You may need to type one of the following commands to get your delete key to work properly, depending on your keyboard:. More complete documentation can be found in rc. When you have finished, type exit at the prompt to leave the single-user shell and continue with the multi-user boot.

If you have never used a Unix -like operating system before, your best friend is now the man command, which displays a manual page. The NetBSD manual pages are among the best and most detailed you can find, although they are very technical. A good manual to read after booting a new NetBSD system is afterboot 8.

It contains information about various necessary and useful configuration settings. Manual pages contain not only information about commands but also descriptions of some NetBSD features and structures. For example, take a look at the hier 7 man page, which describes in detail the layout of the filesystem used by NetBSD. Other similar pages are release 7 and pkgsrc 7. C libraries, see intro 3.

A subject may appear in more than one section of the manual; to view a specific page, supply the section number as an argument to the man command.

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For example, time appears in section 1 the time user command and in section 3 the time function of the C library. To see the man page for the time C function, write:. It has a command mode active when first started and an input mode. Its primary advantage is that it will work even without a correct terminal type set. Before you continue you should know or learn how to open, edit and save files within vi.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 Installation Steps with Screenshots

For the first login you will use the root user, which is the only user defined at the end of the installation. At the password prompt type the password for root that you set during the installation.

If you didn't set a password, just press Enter. Choose a password that has numbers, digits, and special characters not space as well as from the upper and lower case alphabet. Do not choose any word in any language. It is common for an intruder to use dictionary attacks. For security reasons, it is bad practice to login as root during regular use and maintenance of the system.

Instead, administrators are encouraged to add a regular user, add the user to the wheel group, then use the su 1 command when root privileges are required. NetBSD offers the useradd 8 utility to create user accounts. For example, to create a new user:. The defaults for the useradd command can be changed; see the useradd 8 man page.

The Business Analysis Process: 8 Steps to Being an Effective Business Analyst

User accounts that can su to root are required to be in the "wheel" group. This can be done when the account is created by specifying a secondary group:. As an alternative, the usermod 8 command can be used to add a user to an existing group:. In case you just created a user but forgot to set a password, you can still do that later using the passwd 1 command. Shadow passwords are enabled by default. If you do not have a US layout keyboard, you will probably want to change keymaps.

The code in this post uses Python3 and NumPy installed with anaconda. See this link for how to install NumPy. You can find the complete code in this post in the link below.

Before we can begin performing any sort of computation with NumPy or any other package, the first step always is to import the package. Here, we give a shorter name to NumPy — np.

The Business Analysis Process: 8 Steps to Being an Effective Business Analyst

This is known as aliasing. See this link for more on aliasing. Now that we have imported NumPy, we can use it to perform various sorts of computation. You are given 5 cylindrical containers with different radius and heights ranging between 5 and 25 cm. Find out a the volume of water that each container can contain, b the total volume of water that all containers can contain, c which container can hold the highest volume and how much, d which container can hold the least volume and how much, e what is the mean, median and standard deviation of the volumes of water that can be contained in the containers?

And Python packages were built to and are capable of solving much more complex problems. But the aim here is to give just a basic idea of how NumPy works, so that these techniques may later be applied to a problem of much greater magnitude. First we need the radius and heights for the 5 cylindrical containers. The values for radius and heights are defined to be ranging between 5 and 25 cm. The number of items is 10 because we need 2 values for each of the five containers — one for the radius and the other for the height.

Since our aim is to solve the problem at hand, we will move forward introducing concepts in the order that will help us solve the problem. The result of this execution will be that values will be assigned a NumPy array of 10 random numbers between 5 and That is one way to create a NumPy array. Note that here the lower limit is inclusive and the upper limit is exclusive. So, 25 never appears on the array.

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It takes a single argument 0 above and what it does is, it returns a set of random numbers. What is interesting about it is the fact that, no matter when you execute the above block of code — now, after lunch or one year from now — you always get back the same set of random numbers. In contrast if you remove np. NOTE : There are also other methods to generate random numbers. If you need floating point numbers, you can use np.

You can explore these yourself. Here we can see that there is a single opening and closing square bracket. This shows that values is a one dimensional array. To verify this further, you can use values. Now, to verify that there are in fact 10 items in the array, we can use values. Also to find out what type of values are contained in the list, you can use values.

Here the comma separates the number of items along each dimension. Since values is 1D, there is no number after the comma. These are just some attributes to get familiar with NumPy. So, we need radius and heights for the cylinders, but right now all we have is a plain array of numbers. For this, we use the reshape method. The reshape method changes the shape of the NumPy array into any dimension we specify; the only requirement is that the product of the number of items along each dimension is equal to the total number of items.

Here, we convert values into a 2D array with 5 rows one for each container and 2 columns one for radius and the other for height and store it in containers.

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As we can see, there are 2 opening and closing square brackets, so this is a 2D array. Verify this using containers. The shape also changes now. Try containers.

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Here we just deal with two columns, so the slicing will be pretty simple one. But before initialising this process, note that your existing connection must be active for 90 days and all your bills should be cleared. You'll receive an SMS back with a port out code which will remain valid for only 15 days. Visit your nearest operator store and tell them you want to port your sim. They will fill the porting form and customer acquisition form for port into the network.