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It explores the past, present and future destiny of the City of Peace.

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Jerusalem is the only city in the world to have its history written in advance. It is the only city in the world that the Creator of the Universe has declared to be His dwelling place forever. And it is the only city in the world with an eternal destiny. Today the world is obsessed with the status of Jerusalem, just as Zechariah prophesied it would be. Through His ancient prophets and the current mounting conflict in the Middle East — particularly over Jerusalem — the God of Israel is speaking to the Jewish people, to the nations of the world, and to the Church.

But who is listening?

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The feature-length documentary Jerusalem, the Covenant City, presented by Lance Lambert and written, produced and directed by Hugh Kitson, will impact its audience with a message of challenge and hope that they will not easily forget. A page book, with a wealth of additional background information, complements the documentary film. You must be logged in to post a review.

The city was destroyed in B. The stele depicts the moon god worshipped by the ancient Aramean people. Arav explained that the discoveries were made during the 32nd season of excavations in the ancient city. It is now sponsored by the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.

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The Jerusalem Post reports that a gate discovered at the site last year likely dates from the First Temple period when the city was known as Zer. In a separate project, last year archaeologists in Israel uncovered an ancient site that may offer fresh insight into the biblical kingdom of David and Solomon. The kingdom is described in the Hebrew Bible but has long divided historians.

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While some experts believe that it existed in the 10th century B. In another project, soldiers at a paratrooper base in Southern Israel recently uncovered a Biblical-era watchtower.

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