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Cosmonaut follows a different approach. They will instead return a CosmosResponse with the IsSuccess flag to false , the CosmosOperationStatus enum explaining what the error was and the Exception object containing the exceptions that caused the request to fail.

GitHub - Elfocrash/Cosmonaut: ๐ŸŒ A supercharged Azure CosmosDB .NET SDK with ORM support

Because of the way the internal id property of Cosmosdb works, there is a mandatory restriction made. You cannot have a property named Id or a property with the attribute [JsonProperty "id" ] without it being a string. A cosmos id needs to exist somehow on your entity model. For that reason if it isn't part of your entity you can just extend the CosmosEntity class. Cosmonaut has its own version of a DocumentClient called CosmonautClient.

The difference is that the CosmonautClient interface is more user friendly and it looks more like something you would use in a real life scenario. It won't throw not found exceptions if an item is not found but it will return null instead. It will also retry automatically when you get s too many requests. It also has support for logging and monitoring as you are going to see in the logging section of this page.

However there are plans for investigating potential other ways to achieve transactional operations such as server side stored procedures that Cosmonaut could provision and call. Every operational call Add, Update, Upsert, Delete however returns it's status back alongside the reason it failed, if it failed, and the entity so you can add your own retry logic.

Rough landing

Cosmonaut supports partitions out of the box. You can specify which property you want to be your Partition Key by adding the [CosmosPartitionKey] attribute above it. Unless you really know what you're doing, it is recommended make your Id property the Partition Key. This will enable random distribution for your collection. If you do not set a Partition Key then the collection created will be single partition.

Here is a quote from Microsoft about single partition collections:. Single-partition collections have lower price options and the ability to execute queries and perform transactions across all collection data. You do not have to specify a partition key for these collections. For scenarios that do not need large volumes of storage or throughput, single partition collections are a good fit. Partitions are great but you should these 3 very important things about them and about the way Cosmonaut will react.

Kosmonaut Zero

Cosmonaut by default will create one CosmonautClient which is really a wrapper around the DocumentClient per CosmosStore. The logic behind that decision was that each CosmosStore might have different configuration from another even on the client level. However in scenarios where you have tens of CosmosStores this can cause socket starvation. The recommendation in such scenarios is to either reuse the same CosmonautClient or to cache the CosmosStores internally and swap them around for different CosmosStores.

You can see this issue where a multi tenant scenario is discussed and resolved by the use of a client cache.

Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

It is also a good idea in general to create a CosmonautClient outside of the CosmosStore logic and reuse the CosmonautClient instead of creating one each time if the configuration for the client is the same. Cosmonaut uses the. NET Standard's System.

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Diagnostics to log it's actions as dependency events. By default, this system is deactivated. In order to activated and actually do something with those events you need to create an EventListener which will activate the logging and give you the option do something with the logs. By using this package you are able to log the events as dependencies in Application Insights in detail.

The logs are batched and send in intervals OR automatically sent when the batch buffer is filled to max. Example: AppInsightsTelemetryModule. Initialize new TelemetryConfiguration "InstrumentationKey". If you already have initialised TelemetryConfiguration for your application then use TelemetryConfiguration. Active instead of new TelemetryConfiguration because if you don't there will be no association between the dependency calls and the parent request.

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A Long Winters Journey. The history of Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center starts from the 11th of January when on the initiative of chief constructor of rocket-space technical equipment S. Korolev it was decided to establish an organization for the first space flight training.

Afterwards there were many outstanding and exciting achievements performed with the help of GCTC, including the flight of the first woman-cosmonaut V. Tereshkova, the first space walk of A. Leonov, execution of regular flights onboard the first orbital stations Salut, space station Mir, and then the International Space Station. GCTC is well-known not only in this country but all over the world.

At the beginning of new millennium the integration processes led mankind to the realization of the greatest it history space project โ€” the International Space Station. The Centre greatly contributes to the implementation of this project. Nowadays GCTC has modern unique laboratory-simulation and training base, scientifically-grounded methods and techniques of cosmonaut training, competent and well-qualified specialists, and great experience of international cooperation. Contact form For more information about the organization of the program please contact our managers by phone, e-mail or Skype.

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All of us at least once in our lives dreamt of flying. It becomes possible with help of zero-gravity conditions. Let your dream come true! You have this chance if you perform a flight onboard the IL MDK laboratory airplane like cosmonauts do during their space flight training. You are brave enough and want to examine yourself? You dream of feelings that cosmonauts experience during their real training for space flights? In this case the Centrifuge run is exactly what you need. To be an astronaut in the open space is such a stunning outstanding performance, but very complicated job as well!

Meanwhile this kind of activity is also a routine for astronauts-heroes and nowadays this is a rather regular operation performed by every expedition onboard the ISS. When we think about astronauts โ€” every time someone wearing a spacesuit comes to our mind. This is not so simple, by the way!

This unique experience can be gained in the Gagarin cosmonaut training center in Star city.

This will be an unforgettable space adventure, and your photographs wearing a spacesuit will become a real family heirloom for pride.