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These Bestway pattern really knit up well. Bestway Vintage toy knitting pattern for a really cute black faced lamb s. She will measure She has been knitted in Astrakhan fancy wool, there are several about at the moment that will work, try to get a modern 4ply version as this little lamb is knitted in vintage 3ply, this will translate better to modern 4ply, try a tension square with chosen fancy yarn.

Bestway Great vintage toy knitting pattern for a Peasant doll outfit for a 14" doll, Baby Panda is 15" high and Brer Rabbi t is 13" 's pattern printed in black and white.

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Knitted in vintage 4ply work a tension square to see if needles need changing. Bestway : Vintage golly and doll knitting pattern from the 's. The doll cloth made and instructions are included, her dress, cami-knickers, bonnet and bootees are crochet, to fit a 12" doll and the golly is knitted in garter stitch is 15". Bestway Vintage toy pattern for three military dolls from the 's. Soldier, sailor and airman knitted in vintage 4ply. Airman 12" high, Sailor 10" high, soldier 12". As the pattern calls for size 12 or 2. The Airman and the Sold ier. This leaflet is large format rather than the smaller latter editions.

Knitted in 4ply and they measure 10 or 12 inches.

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Bestway Great vintage knitted doll knitting pattern from t he wartime. A little girl doll, a clown and a jack tar. The dolls are made from folding thick wool into skeins and wrapping them in places with wool thread creating limbs and head. The clothes are then knitted to fit them in vintage 3ply or modern 4ply. They are about inches tall. Bestway : Fabulous vintage knitting pattern from the s, knitted camel, Kangaroo and Elephant, no sizes given, worked in vintage 4ply so try double knitting, but if you want them smaller use modern 3ply and smaller needles - variations are endless.

Fabulous pattern. Bestway 9 Great vintage toy cat and dog knitting pattern s. This super pattern is for a little terrier dog and smart little cat. Knitted in vintage 4ply, so try modern double knitting. Make sure work is tight and neat so stuffing does not push out. Boot Button eyes are suggested, but perhaps safety eyes or embroidered eyes might be better for modern children.

Bestway Great vintage toy knitting pattern for Cowboy and girl doll knitted in vintage 4ply s. Cowboy doll about 12" high, the little girl doll is also about 12". Bestway : Vintage toy knitting pattern from s. Great Christmas knitting! Gnome 12" tall and Father Christmas 12" tall knitted in oddments of DK.

Bestway : Fabulous vintage toy knitting pattern from the 19 40s. There are instructions to knit a tiger and lion one of the be st toy patterns from Bestway, knitted in vintage 3ply and vintage 4ply wool, no sizes are give. Bestway : One of the rarest toy vintage toy knitting patterns Bestway produced this one original ly produced in the late s.

T hese delightful farm animals will make a fabulous gift knitted in vintage 3 and 4ply wool. Wartime pattern urging knitter not to use salvageable rags for stuffing! Work tension square to see if you need to change needles.

Bestway Gr eat vintage crochet pattern toy for duck and ball. Made from oddments, no sizes given, nice easy project for beginners. Click to go to crochet toys page. Bestway Fabulous vintage pattern, one of my favourites! Try modern 4ply to get correct size work tension square to see if you need to change needles. What a cute little face! He is Bestway Great vintage toy knitting pattern for lady service dolls s There are instructions for W. S, and W. S dolls measuring about 12" all knitted in vintage 4ply on size 12 needles 2. My mother knitted these for children who had lost their toys in the bombing during the war.

Bestway Great character! A stunning vintage 19 4 0s knitting pattern for a toy mouse. Mr Mouse-man 18" mouse knitted in two strands of 3ply or 'the new thick knitting wool' try double knitting. Bestway Vintage toy knitting pattern for two little knitted dolls s. Bestway : Beautiful vintage knitting pattern for national dolls knitted in vintage 3ply oddments, each doll is 12" high. Try modern 4ply to get correct size, work tension square. There are instructions for Scottish , Welsh and Irish dolls.

Bestway fabulous rare vintage wartime toy pattern for knitted dolls s wartime pattern. The dolls are simply made by folding skeins of wool then tying them in places to make arms, legs and head and the clothes are all knitted - we all did this at school in the 40's and 50's!

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Bestway Fabulous vintage knitting pattern for Jimmy Jumbo. Pattern from the ' s, this little fellow measures 7" tall and knitted in vintage 3ply, try modern 4ply or use modern 3ply for even smaller elephant or DK for bigger.

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This pattern is quite rare and make a really nice elephant. Bestway A Vintage toy knitting pattern s.

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Instructions for 20 inch Golly and 15 inch doll. Knitted in oddments of vintage 3ply so try modern 4ply for these sizes or modern 3ply for smaller toys.

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World War 2 knitting pattern. Great for the children who go on the re enactment weekends, let them take an authentic toy. Bestway A : Stunning vintage knitting pattern for toy s Instructions for rabbit 14", cute cat 11" and Percy Penguin The cat is really cute!

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Instructions for 3 toys. Duck 6. Work tension square to see if modern 4ply will give better size. Fabulous pram toys for Christmas babies. Bestway Fabulous vintage knitted dog coa ts. Ribbed in 4ply in small, medium and large, fancy rib with roll colour in DK, three sizes and chunky wool makes a smart belted coat for really cold days, again in 3 sizes.

Bestway B : Great vintage toy knitting pattern. Instructions for a dog and c at knitted in DK. Height from top of head 9".

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Bestway B : Vintage teddy bear knitting pattern for 16" panda knitted in double knitting, so cute! I now have an original for sale, wear to edges and minor surface scuffs, otherwise in good condition. Bestway : Vintage toy knitting pattern from Bestway. Here are a fun group from the early 's, a colour version of an earlier pattern. The toys measure Bestway Great vintage teddy bear knitting pattern for a 17" knitted bear with his own clothes in double knitting. Original pattern as shown, in good condition, just little wear at edges, clean and sound. Bestway Great vintage baby elephant knitting pattern.

This little chap is knitted in double knitting and measures10 inches, nice and easy to knit. Bestway Vintage knitting pattern for toy poodle pattern, so sweet with his own little jacket. This one of the rarer Bestway patterns. Easy to knit in double knitting and great fun.