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This was my motivation to take a trip to Namibia and see what I could do. Up until this point I was a fashion and stock Photographer working mostly with models and a crew. Please enjoy this article of some of my Lion memoirs from the passed years as a wildlife photographer. On this trip to Namibia I got a couple of really nice images of all sorts of African Wildlife, but one image in particular stood out.

The image is a male lion standing and staring off into the distance — as proud as can be. It was simple and powerful.

Lion Pictures

The most important characteristic was his pride. When I returned home I decided to show this image to a good friend of mine who just so happens to own his own gallery, be an art collector and be a photographer himself. I arranged a meeting with Martin Osner. We did a test print and in that moment we both new something was here. Something different in the Wildlife Fine Art World.

Many fantastic photographers already had a unique style, and now so did I.

It’s time for the lowdown on these fierce felines…

Martin told me that if i returned with more images like this he would grant me a solo exhibition. Well as they say the rest is history and to this day my work is available to see and buy at the Martin Osner gallery in Cape Town. This lion picture certainly did that. I left the fashion and stock photography world and went on a quest to become a full time Wild Life Photographer. They have a sturdy head and neck with round ears. Of all the cats its the most famous, well recognised and idolised expect for maybe the Tiger in India.

Their prey varies widely depending on where they are and what situation they find themselves in.

Lion Pictures

Most of the time they will hunt antelope, but are known to take down bigger prey such as buffalo, hippos and even but rarely an elephant. Lions are the top of the food chain — also known as an Apex predator, although they scavenge from time to time.

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This does not always mean their life is easy. Often going through long periods of not eating and rivalry within the pride, with other prides or other animals like hyenas keeps them in a constant mode of alertness. Young energetic males will often roam the grasslands of Kenya together like cheetah brothers. If the alpha is pushed out by a new one he may turn to a life of solitude. Lions are enchanting.

Although they can drive you nuts as a photographer with their endless sleeping, when a good shot does present itself its like scoring a goal in a final game match. Very often they will be snoozing with full bellies from a busy night of hunting. I will talk to my guide John Masek about the best place for when the sun pops out.

Image of lion - stock pictures and picture

This is when the opportunities will present them self. As the sun pops out the cubs typically play around as the moms keep a lazy watch. As soon as the sun gets hot the pride will start to move to find shade. NOW is the time…. The next opportunity will be this evening again when it cools and they start to stir for the nights activities.

Seal or Sea Lion?

This gives you some insight into how to get the best lion shots. This is why its always good to have a guide that knows these animals very well. In the Pride of Africa Collection you will notice 3 distinct Lion images.

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Meet some of the marine vertebrate species that are among the threatened in the Backbone of Biodiversity of Risk image gallery. Watch a recorded webcast about the latest efforts in Greece to study and save the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal. Centuries of human exploitation and habitat destruction have caused the remaining populations of Mediterranean monk seals Monachus monachus and Hawaiian monk seals Monachus schauinslandi to drop to perilously low numbers, while the Caribbean monk seal Monachus tropicalis has become extinct.

The largest of all seal species, the southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina is found in chilly Antarctic and Subantarctic waters. The male seals dive as deep as 1, meters over 4, feet and stay at depth for up to two hours. Males can grow to be five times larger than females, up to 5, pounds. This elephant seal may look fierce, but he was simply yawning over and over in the wave-wash.

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This allowed me to try multiple ways of getting this impressive pose, including lying down in the water without disturbing him. A harp seal Phoca groenlandica pup rests on the ice at sunset in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada while its mother hunts. Adult harp seals have dappled gray fur, but the babies are born white and are known as "whitecoats. Male northern elephant seals face off on the beach by vocalizing through their extended noses, called proboscises. Every winter, when the seals return to the beach where they were born to breed, males arrive first to tussle for territory.

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  • The winners of these fights are the "alpha" males, and they get the biggest and best territories. After the beachfront property is divvied among the alpha males, the females arrive for breeding. Learn about how scientists track elephant seals with satellite tags at the Census of Marine Life.

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    • A Galapagos sea lion Zalophus wollebaeki rests on a beach in Ecuador. See more pictures of animals at risk. The crabeater seal Lobodon carcinophaga is found on the ice of Antarctica, but surprisingly they don't eat crabs! The seals primarily eat krill, tiny crustaceans that play a large part in the Antarctic ecosystem. Although they are not considered endangered, as sea ice melting earlier and earlier each year, available harp seal breeding grounds are being lost in the North Atlantic and Arctic.

      In , storms and lack of ice-cover due to a warmer winter climate resulted in hundreds of seal pups being washed up on the shore of Prince Edward Island.

      Like many, this young seal faced an uncertain future. Nearly three weeks old, it was weaned but not yet ready to swim on its own, leaving it vulnerable to predation or drowning. For me, this image expresses the vulnerability of not only this individual, but the entire harp seal population. See more winning photo's from Nature's Best