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They began exchanging messages. Norfleet, who is an actor. Norfleet had actually been to one of the lavish house parties Mr. Hemingway is known in Hollywood circles for hosting in Los Angeles. Norfleet asked Mr. Hemingway if he was planning on hosting a celebration. But a few days later, Mr.


Norfleet received an invitation from Mr. Norfleet arrived with two of his best friends but spent much of the night with Mr. Hemingway, flirting and taking pictures together in a photo booth. The next day, the two attended a dinner party with Mr. Johnson, their mutual friend. Later, everyone went back to Mr. Norfleet and Mr. Hemingway spent the rest of the evening talking about what each was looking for in a relationship. It was around 2 a. He texted Mr.

Hemingway to ask if he was tired. He answered no. Norfleet asked if he would like some company, and Mr. Hemingway said yes. Norfleet said. But, making time for each other can be challenging during long days on set and when traveling for shoots. To nurture their relationship, they practice small rituals such as waking up early to get breakfast together or reading a daily inspiration. Aisha Hinds, an actor who met Mr.

Hemingway and Mr. Norfleet say they aim to present an empowered image for the African-American and L. They often post about their relationship on Instagram and Facebook, where they have several thousand followers. Sharing their relationship publicly was new to Mr. Norfleet, who had not always been fully open about his sexual identity.

Hemingway that he came out to many members of his family. Both Mr. Norfleet had deeply religious upbringings, which in the past made it difficult for some in their families to fully embrace their identities as gay men. But the two say having grown up in church provides a spiritual foundation that brings them closer together. Only a year ago, the St. Louis native released a song called "BFF" on Soundcloud and had just over 2, followers on Instagram.

Now, Slayyyter is on her knees for her final shot of the day.

She's wearing a bandana, a denim mini skirt and leather accessories. Slayyyter jams her thumbs into her waistband and looks coyly at the camera. A wind-machine just feet away blows her extensions into her face. She's genuinely asking. Ten-hour shoots are completely new for the singer, who, up until recently, was recording rough cuts of her glitchy, internet-famous pop tracks in her bedroom closet. Posing seductively alongside a cast of diverse, half-naked models emulating Rock of Love 's trash glamour aesthetic, is also a far cry from her recent gig as the receptionist at her hometown hair salon.

Last October, I reached out to Slayyyter after becoming excited by how close to Britney Spears' Blackout her music sounded, both in its sleazy electronic beats and nasally, robotic vocals — uncanny qualities that can be found in all of her songs thus far.

Sarah Emmerich, Shail Sturm

On "Candy," she sings lines like, "Boy, can you eat me right," embodying the same knowingly scandalous energy Britney once portrayed in her " Baby One More Time" video. But it's , and women in pop can sing more freely about their pussies today see: King Princess , Brooke Candy , Miley Cyrus , et al than what passed muster in I wish people weren't such freaks about it.

My mom hasn't heard ['Candy'] yet, though. Now, with hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms, healthy media buzz, more than a quarter-million active Spotify listeners , a big-budget music video and several smaller-budget ones , a mostly sold-out mini-tour, fans ranging from Charli XCX to Grimes, and a full-length debut mixtape , Slayyyter's mom has heard everything , and despite her wish she would sometimes sing "nice, classy songs," is ultimately very supportive.

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Her older sister, who works in finance, is also a Slayyyter ally, showing off her kid sister's album art which presents the singer topless, back arched on a neon tanning bed, exposing a tramp stamp bearing her own name to her Missouri friends. It seemed all Slayyyter needed to do to win over her family was make her own way — something she was able to accomplish successfully thanks to her vision, hard work, and harnessing the branding power of the internet in After our shoot wraps, Slayyyter's clip-ins are out and her black streak of hair is still in.

She laughs, "But it's not like I'm somebody special. I'm like as D-list as you can be, which is fabulous, and it also means I still can't get into certain clubs.

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No line-cutting for me, I ain't shit! Slayyyter first emerged online last year with a batch of songs produced by fellow internet scions like underground producer Ayesha Erotica, whose productions of singles like "BFF" and "Candy" were critical to establishing Slayyyter's signature sound. While fans quickly took to Slayyyter's music, no one really knew what she looked like. As it turns out, this was intentional — an internet parlor game she established to separate who she really is from the business of being a visible public figure.

Even Slayyyter's name is a variation of who she really is: born Catherine Slater, according to Wikipedia, she says her performance moniker was inspired by the cult Dazed and Confused character of the same name. To ensure all her social handles were identical, she added three y's.

Slayyyter's Rock of Love

This also resonated with her early audience, made up of queer music fanatics who frequently flung the exclamation: "Slayyy! Slayyyter often posts Photobooth photos and videos of herself obscured beneath layers of filters and visual effects. Sometimes she's juuling, and other times, she's photoshopped into referential collages of Lindsay Lohan and other infamous late '00s figures wearing Juicy Couture sweatpants like in the one she submitted to PAPER. When her body is visible, more often than not, Slayyyter shows skin because as everyone knows, sex sells.

She's a master at shameless self-promotion, almost always trading in sex jokes as a plea for streams on Twitter and Instagram. In describing her aesthetic, Slayyyter said last year, "I love pop culture. My favorite Twitter account for the longest time is Pop Culture Died in I love everything like that.

LOVE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

It's fun and silly. I love the color pink, Barbie, that kind of stuff. And of course I love The Simple Life. How could you not? While Slayyyter's hyper-meta indulgence in pop culture tropes is well-received by her growing fanbase, the pop artist's online sexual expression sometimes yields a range of more negative responses, Slayyyter says, from male creeps who quickly get blocked to women like "Carol," a troll who once replied to a picture of Slayyyter's cleavage with the comment: "Does she have to wear her underwear to sell her songs?? Why is she posing like that??? Cheap and nasty!!

But sometimes the comments are more vicious, and specific. She tells me that one woman in a Reddit thread said her eyes were too far apart and her nose was too big. But even those she makes light of. Comments that could otherwise be intended to harm are often deliberately interpreted by Slayyyter as compliments, with a knowing wink to her large queer following. As a self-described "Twitter comedian," she's always down to take the piss out of herself, if less because she likes to, than because she has to.

Why Relationships Matter

It's honestly such an honor to be thought of in the same breath as Britney Spears. In person, Slayyyter's a shyer version of the sexed-up cyborg she presents as inside our phones. It prompts so many questions: Is Slayyyter real, or is she fucking with us? And what is "real" on the internet in , when scams, catfishing , and fake stories are compelling enough to lure millions of eyes and prompt lucrative TV and film deals?

Standing in the sunshine outside our shoot, as if to show just how real she is, Slayyyter holds up her wrists to reveal a runny spray tan. Growing up, Slayyyter says she wasn't the most popular girl in school, but was a "known fag hag" who loved to sing and dance in talent shows. Earlier this summer, she kicked off her mini-tour with two performances at Elsewhere in Brooklyn.