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I can definitely notice a pop sound to the track, with its light sounding keys dominating and the guitars mostly serving as rhythm, though the band did give the song a slight metallic edge and Nicholas really delivers on the chorus, as always. The feel of the album is raw and natural while still sounding full and professional which should go a long way to pleasing the purists, the guitars are up loud and as dirty as you could possibly want and recently added lead vocalist Gordon Brown has all the makings of a great singer….


And yes, Michael Sweet can still hit those high notes that left everyone amazed back in the day. Solomon Seed 2. Gabriel is Rising 3.

Orientis 5. Ignore the Pain 6.

Scorpio CD bonus 7. The album and its concept have been in development since as part of an even broader narrative yet to come. Each song introduces a new character or piece of lore for the listening adventurers to encounter.

'Metal Hurlant Chronicles': The Soul, if Not the Imagery, of Heavy Metal - PopMatters

Free download. Starting from their first single "Angel", they started recording singles from the year The song went to the Great Eastern Rock compilation vol II, making it their first known original composition. This gave the band a lot more publicity resulting in public awareness. Signing up with some venues, the band soon traveled to Hong Kong for year long stay. Girish occasionally came back to India giving solo performances in the city of Bengaluru occasionally. Their singles which now sum up to fourteen tracks, is being released as an album in under Universal Music Group.

The band soon gained a lot of attention and new fans. Immediately participating in some festivals, they soon started getting headlining acts. They later decided to take in "Golden Crown" into their playlist, which was a track for the Sikkim Football association.

Girish and The Chronicles

While they were already performing "I wanna get that lovin' again", "Ride to hell", they did not record the tracks for a very long time. After having performed in almost the entire half of the country in the year , they ventured into the southern part of the country, doing a month long promotional tour in the city of Bengaluru at around end September, It is at this time period they recorded their singles "Loaded", "Ride to Hell" and "I wanna Get that loving".

Soon, in the coming week they recorded "A new beginning", on hearing the NEWS about an earthquake in their home town, claiming a lot of lives. Soon after a month, the band, who were on a vacation, decided to comeback and start recording again.