Sing: A Novel of Colorado (The Homeward Trilogy)

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Clairs struggle to learn what it means to sing praise to God—even in the face of tremendous loss—and trust Him in all things, even when forced to fight for their very lives. Publisher: David C. Fiction Literature.

Sing (The Homeward Trilogy Book #2): A Novel of Colorado

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The secondary story focuses on his sister, Moira St.

Clair, who had just been through a traumatic accident which left her scarred internally and externally. They both have feelings for each other, but both are damaged by life. Here is an exchange between the two:. You think I am not? Who I once was. He sighed heavily and moved up the hill. Nic met a schoolteacher named Sabine LaCrosse upon his arrival in Colorado. Feelings for her grew, despite his attempts to talk himself out of them:. You have no business entertaining thoughts of Sabine LaCross, he told himself for the hundredth time.

He was about to sell the mine and leave. It was an idle, foolish distraction, this idea of Everett and Sabine and him somehow being together forever. She had her life. He had his. Everett would find his way, too, in time. Moira made a decision to visit New York City and leave Daniel behind — but she did so reluctantly:.

Her eyes moved to the window. The thought of leaving him behind tore at her. But she steeled herself against it. He had left her. He had made no promises. Even if he came back to her today, she would still struggle over his decision to be sheriff. He could get shot.

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She wanted life. He explains his feelings to Sabine:. Healing me. Getting me ready for you. I was angry at Him for a long time, which made me angry at the world. But it was only when we were in danger, when you and Ev were in danger, that I wanted to fight again. The only thing that will move me to fight is defending you, Ev, myself.

All right? At the same time, Moira was establishing a relationship with her Lord; He reassured her that she was beautiful in His sight:.

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Moira paced for a bit and then wearily sat down on her bed. She closed her eyes, wanting him to feel closer. Forgive me, Father. I desired so much, Lord. I wanted acceptance. And accolades again. She reached up and pulled off her wig, letting it flop to the bed beside her. She rubber her head, feeling the short hairs as they ran through her fingers. I wanted to be seen as beautiful again.

I wanted to be admired. You are beautiful, Moira. Nothing makes you more so than being one of My own. She groaned. She lives in Colorado Springs. Sing : A Novel of Colorado. Moira St. But even as her star rises, she becomes more vulnerable to those who wish to use her—or bring her down…. It is , and the St.