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All the other low-lying atolls in the Pacific? The millions of people around the world who's lives will be destroyed if the sea levels rise just a little bit more. Coastal zones around the world have three-times the population density compared to the rest, and almost one-quarter of the world's population in these near-coastal zones. That's more than a billion human beings.

These people are just as endangered in the same way birds and fish are. We are destroying their natural habitat and it's our natural habitat too. We don't live in a bubble that is separate from the environment although if we keep fouling our air and water, things might come to that.

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We are destroying and using up our environment and we are, and will continue to be, affected by it. Most animal species avoid fouling their own nests. It's a primal instinct. But somehow humankind—supposedly the smartest of all Earth's species—has lost that instinct. We are destroying our own habitat. Another human cost of environmental destruction is slavery. In the Amazon , thousands of slaves are being forced to deforest their own land for illegal grazing and logging. The pesticides used for farming on the cleared land flow into the rivers that are used for drinking and bathing for hundreds of miles downstream.

Another instance of the human toll I've seen is Liberian stowaways hiding in shipments of illegally logged old-growth African forest, and heard eyewitness accounts of similar refugees who jumped off the ships with their hands tied behind their backs, committing suicide rather than be returned to the forced labor lumber camps. In the Philippines, I witnessed the suffering of hundreds of families being poisoned by the PCB's, dioxins, heavy metals, solvents and waste oil that the U. One beautiful little six-year-old girl in Manila, Crizel Valencia, had terminal leukemia caused by the toxic materials.

This creative and determined girl had painted many of the graphics that we used in the campaign to get the U.

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Military to acknowledge their responsibility and clean up the mess. Sadly, this still has not happened. During her tour of the second Rainbow Warrior the first was the ship blown up by the French government , Crizel died in the ship's infirmary, and I saw her mother carrying her off the ship in tears. Seeing that strengthened our resolve to carry on fighting for our environment. An analogy I like to use about our planet is that we're all on one boat, and with more than 7 billion people on it, it's actually a pretty small boat.

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  5. As we drill holes into the bottom of the boat we're all living on, the water is rising. And yet we keep on drilling holes, faster and faster, ignoring the fact that the water is lapping at our knees. How much longer can we continue to ignore that what we are doing to our planet is affecting us all?

    Saving the whales, the forests and the atmosphere is great, no question. One of the main reasons that environmentalists and activists do what they do is that we are trying to save us from ourselves. When boats are in mortal danger, they send out an S. Our ship, Planet Earth, and the passengers on it are in mortal danger so I'm sending out a different S. Weiss, published by Thomas Dunne Books.

    Nature matters—and it is sending us an SOS that we can no longer ignore

    He has been a captain for Greenpeace for more than 30 years—the most experienced captain in the organization. He has led the most compelling and dangerous Greenpeace actions to bring international attention to the destruction of our environment. Indonesia's forest fires have made headlines globally over the past few weeks. This year's forest fires have affected millions of people.

    Planet Earth SOS.

    Schools have closed in some areas due to unsafe levels of air pollution , while many people are suffering from respiratory illnesses. The haze has spread so far as to affect Singapore and Malaysia. Never underestimate an elephant 's ability to steal our hearts. That happened on Saturday in Thailand when five elephants died while trying to rescue a three-year-old calf that was swept away in a rushing river, as The New York Times reported.

    Today's high-efficiency home washing machines might not be eliminating bacteria as thoroughly as their older, less-efficient counterparts. A baby sea turtle that washed ashore in Boca Raton, Florida last week had pieces of plastic in it stomach. The plastic products ranged from wrappers to balloons to bottle labels to twist ties used to cinch trash bags, as the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton shared a photograph on Facebook of the turtle next to all the pieces of plastic that it had ingested. The red tide that plagued Florida for 15 months — killing marine life and causing respiratory problems for humans — is back, The Associated Press reported Saturday.

    Today: SOS. Extinction Rebellion groups across UK to raise the alarm on Climate Emergency

    Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion XR blocked roads around Berlin's Victory Column near the Brandenburg Gate early on Monday morning as the first wave of demonstrations in a day of "civil disobedience" got underway in the German capital. This makes it the fourth month in a row this year to be the hottest or near hottest of its kind. SCORM packages are zip files that can be integrated in any LMS Learning Management System that supports the standard Moodle, Blackboard, … and that can be used for presenting multimedia content and as assessment tools.

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    Jamiroquai - Emergency on Planet Earth (Official Video)

    Cancel delete. Papandreou Christos. Show more Metadata views. Planet Earth is calling Description: During August our prefecture, Ilia, faced the most horrific fire in our history. Moscow fires,during summer , caused similar disaster.

    Cartoon earth globe with sos message. Cartoon earth globe with speech bubble and sos message.

    So there is a need for a common approach in terms of Environmental Education worldwide. The aim of this excursion is to make people think about environment more seriously. Important note: All the material is original booklets, experiment videos, earth's message, drawings and were produced by our pupils and the teacher during our project about plants.

    After our activities, pupils will: Understand through experiment the way roots support the plants. Acquire awareness of the danger our planet is going through and realize that every living object deserves our respect and protection.