Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business

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Despite these complexities, physicians and medical practitioners will continue to hold the keys to unlocking the toughest healthcare problems. They have access to patients and the expertise that comes from seeing and managing health issues day after day. Direct access to patients and experience with specific diseases is key to unlocking our biggest health problems more quickly.

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So, what can pharma companies do? I have a few suggestions. Electronic health records systems eHR are the primary collection tools for doctors to gather patient information. Rather than trying to replace them or shove another system in front of the office staff, figure out how to work within the eHR without major functional changes.

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If eHR adoption is an issue for a practice, help ease their struggles and perhaps invest in improvements. Second, invest in the relationship. Evaluating those investments and redirecting resources towards a solution that works for both the healthcare provider and the drug company could pay major dividends in overcoming inefficiencies in the clinical trial process. There are transparency and compensation rules to consider, but they are in place to keep people honest and protect privacy of patients, not stifle research. Finally, get creative and invest purposefully in translational medicine.

There is tremendous value in the intellectual property being generated at healthcare practices, provider networks, and researchers.

This initiative needs to be updated and adjusted to be more inclusive, with support from all interested parties, industry, and technology providers. ResearchKit can potentially help these companies have a closer relationship to their patients with different diseases.

Novartis is taking this one step further with FocalView. The next step is validating the data capture remotely via ResearchKit to traditional testing in regular clinical settings. Considering how expensive it is to run and maintain sites, and just how restrictive this makes recruitment, ResearchKit could potentially play an important role for trials.

This is especially true for things like digital therapeutics and diseases that cause impaired mobility. Pharma manufacturers want direct access to patients both to make it easier to recruit for clinical trials and to capture real-world data about the performance of their drugs, which is becoming a more integral part in expediting FDA approval.

The CareKit opportunity is:. CareKit can become a platform third-party services can plug into.

Companies in medical transport, adherence monitoring tools, delivery of health goods, digital therapeutics companies, etc. This makes it easier for hospitals to outsource services to other companies and for those services to be wrapped into a bundle around a specific disease or event.

Medical devices will be able to populate the Apple Health record with data about a patient. The failure of previous attempts at a personal health record were partially due to the fact that they heavily relied on users inputting the data themselves. Medical devices can do this passively.

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Powerful cameras and machine vision could power new types of monitoring and diagnostics. Apple itself has examined this, as noted by a recent patent filing. The filing combines the camera, an ambient light sensor, and a proximity sensor to detect changes in blood flow. A finger is illustrated throughout the renderings, but the filing notes that an ear, palm, or other body part could be used as well.

Existing medical device makers have started building devices that are designed specifically to work with Apple products. Notably, one of the recent announcements was that Zimmer Biomet and Apple were collaborating on a study to understand what leads to better outcomes for knee and hip replacement patients. This program and other outcomes-based programs require a level of patient participation and engagement to be successful.

As more medical device makers move towards these outcomes-based business models, being able to create compelling experiences for patients to get involved is going to be key. This study will be a great way for Apple to prove its value here. The Apple Watch also has fall detection. This could help move the watch into an essential product, especially for the elderly. Apple is providing researchers at these universities thousands of Apple Watches for studies related to:. We understand local healthcare markets and your issues.

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