The Book of Genesis - Expounded in a Series of Discourses

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The Genesis Story - Lecture One

Back to: Bible Commentaries. Bible Characters in Gen. The Best Commentaries on Genesis. For a brief, Scriptural defense that Gen.

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Simple, Practical, Devotional. De Graaf, S. De Graff is a Dutch Reformed author who focuses on the unfolding of the Covenant through history. He writes in an easy to read, but helpful and insightful style. Pastors will find the material on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph chaps. The chapters in this work were originally a series of popular articles in the Blue Banner Faith and Life magazine.

The book of Genesis : expounded in a series of discourses

Alford was of the Church of England and the Dean of Canterbury. Candlish was an influential minister and professor in the Free Church of Scotland. It should be in every Biblical library. He may be read with profit by students of a higher grade. The work is not a commentary, but is full of instruction. Fuller was a reformed baptist. One of the very best series of discourses extant upon Genesis, as [George] Bush also thought [who plagiarized therefrom]. Jacobus was a graduate of Princeton seminary, a presbyterian minister and a professor of Biblical literature at Western Theological Seminary in Alleghany, NY.

It contains much Gospel teaching, and aids the preacher greatly. Not easily to be obtained. It ought to be reprinted. Melancthon Jacobus have deservedly attained a high reputation, and their wide circulation proves how well they are adapted to the wants of both ministers and laymen. They present, in a brief compass, the results of extensive erudition, abound in judicious exposition and pertinent illustration, and are, moreover, distinguished by doctrinal soundness, evangelical character, and an eminently devout spirit.

Green, J. Alexander and others from Princeton Seminary. Lange, John P. Leupold, H. Leupold b. Murphy was a professor of Hebrew in Belfast, Ireland. It is a large cyclopedia worthy of the days when theologians could be cyclopean, and had not shrunk from folios to octavos. Query—a query for which I will not demand an answer—has one of you beaten the dust from the venerable copy of Poole which loads our library shelves? His work is based on an earlier compilation entitled Critic Sacri, containing the concentrated light of a constellation of learned men who have never been excelled in any age or country.

Blunt, Henry — Family Exposition of the Pentateuch, vol. Good, but not brilliant. The preacher will find here many hints for sermons. His day is over. Hughes was a puritan. He belongs to the noble army of Puritans. Richardson was reformed and printed this only a few years after the second edition of the English Annotations which were nicknamed the Westminster Annotations as 6 of the 11 commentators were Westminster divines , to which it was designed as a supplement.

Frequently bound up with Leigh [as Edward Leigh wrote a commentary on the whole N. The oddity of the title is born out by the singularity of the matter.

It does not expound each verse; but certain incidents are dwelt upon. Willet — The method of argument; 2. The diverse readings; 3. Moral observations. Willet is tedious reading; his method hampers him. In all his Commentaries he lumbers along in his six-wheeled wagon.

Notes, Critical and Practical on: Genesis, vol. Bush was a Biblical scholar, a professor of oriental literature in New York City University, and initially a presbyterian minister. For such a scholar to be guilty of wholesale plunder is inexcusable. It is one of the worst cases of robbery we have ever met with, and deserves a far stronger denunciation than our gentle pen and slender space will permit.

Questions and Notes, Critical and Practical upon: Genesis. As the sources from which he drew his extracts are within reach, we can select for ourselves. Mackintosh, Charles H. Mackintosh was a Plymouth Brethren writer and proto- Dispensationalist. Pink, A.

Robertson, F. Cyril J. Contains excellent expository values. Delitzsch, Franz — New Commentary on Genesis, vol.

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The treatment of chapters [is] greatly superior to the material in volume one. He is the finest Jewish Belles-Lettrist existing. The plan is most admirable and we earnestly commend it to the attention of those uninstructed in the sacred tongue. It may interest Hebraists, but can little aid the preacher. Spence , the one who wrote the introductory essay, is the same Spence as co-edited The Pulpit Commentary. He entered Glasgow College in , at the age of twelve.

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In , Robert Candlish completed course work at the divinity hall and began his pulpit ministry shortly thereafter. Candlish became the ordained minister of St. Georges, Edinburgh, in In he took a founding role in the Free Church of Scotland and became one of the primary ambassadors in the separation from the Church of Scotland. In , while maintaining his pulpit ministry, Candlish became the principal of New College in Edinburgh.

Robert Candlish was a revered preacher, lecturer, and author. Candlish, Sermons Preached by Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Sowers and Reapers John 2. The Man Christ Jesus 1 Timothy 3. The Simplicity that is in Christ 2 Corinthians 4. Death and Life with Christ Colossians 5. Isaiah's Vision Isaiah 6. Faith Glorifying God Romans 7.

Enduring as Seeing the Invisible One Hebrews 8. The sin of Carefulness Luke 9. Thorough-going Christianity Judges The Oath of God Hebrews The Indwelling Word of Christ Colossians Christ the only Gain Philippians , 9 The Foundation of God 2 Timothy Strangers and Pilgrims Hebrews Living and dying to the Lord Romans , 8 Christ's Lordship over the Dead and Living Romans Six lectures by ministers of the Free church The Bible not inconsistent with science, by Thomas Smith.

Candlish's publication entitled 'The organ question'.