The Day the Sun Slept In

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What does your body do in the dark?

Find out what else the color of your pee says about your health. Your move, then, is to do what you can to keep your body cool—a difficult task during the hottest days of summer. But a little proactive planning can help.

So minimizing activity outdoors at that time is key to preserving your energy. If you must be outside then, seek shade, which can help you from overheating and feeling drained.

To Get More Sleep, Get More Sunlight

Uh oh, you screwed up: Whether you skipped on sunscreen altogether, or made one of these 7 surprising sunscreen mistakes , you now are nursing a sunburn. Besides feeling super painful, your burn is likely exhausting you, too. One of the big symptoms is fatigue, says Dr. Your best bet is prevention here. Then try these 5 sunburn relief products to soothe your tender skin , too.

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Christopher Winter, M. So if you need to be clear-eyed and energized for hours on end, you might want to switch your morning beach run to an under-the-stars affair.

You and Your Hormones

Or get your workout in at home instead. Try The Day MetaShred —you'll burn fat and build lean muscle. Being in the sun all day and being outdoors when the sun sets just naturally makes you tired, too. This effect is more noticeable and pronounced when you spend your waking hours in nature rather than under the florescent lights of an office. But if you just must keep going, try to keep light up in the evening with bright lights indoors, he says.

Sleep - Wikipedia

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Does he or she have a favorite spot? There is a very important reason that dogs sleep in the sun — they need it break down oils in the skin, which convert to vitamin D in the body.

Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol more prevalent among irregular sleepers

Unlike humans, who absorb vitamin D through the skin and deliver it to the blood stream, dogs differ in their consumption. Vitamin D3, which plays an important part in maintaining a healthy heart, muscles, nerves and bones, is more like a hormone. In addition to the health benefits of snoozing in the sun, the radiating warmth really does feel good for dogs, even those with heavy coats. Make sure you provide your dog with an opportunity to lounge in the sun every day within moderation. Why not place a comfy pillow or a dog bed in the sunny spots to make their naps that much more enjoyable?

Sleep On The Floor (LYRICS) - The Lumineers

Be cautious with dogs with light pink pigment in the nose, ears, and paw pads, and be sure to apply sunscreen to tender areas.