The Law of Kindness: Serving with Heart and Hands

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Christians and non-Christians will find it marvelously honest, realistic, and practical. Both deeply challenging and wonderfully helpful, this book will surely be a modern classic of its kind. Sinclair B. In doing so, she has provided us with breathtaking examples of Christian kindness in action, interspersed with practical applications on this Christ-like fruit of the Spirit.

This will prove a deservedly popular book, one that readers will return to again and again. Derek Thomas. We were struck by the practical help for understanding and implementing a quality that is in such short supply in the world, and unfortunately, even among Christians. For us as Christians, kindness is commanded Ephesians , exemplified by our heavenly Father and our Savior Luke , and made possible by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives Galatians , With all of that going for us, unkindness is inexcusable and unnecessary.

This book needs to be read and its teachings should instruct and motivate us to make kindness a law in our lives Proverbs Wayne and Carol Mack. Mary Beeke has done us a great service in addressing this basic Christian virtue in an embracive and engaging manner. Her knowledge of the Scripture and her personal experiences combine to illustrate the content in a helpful and practical fashion. Everyone will profit from reading The Law of Kindness.

James Grier. SKU: Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books. Pages: Binding: Paperback. Sample: Sample Pages. See Also: Ebook. See Also: Bumped. Torah, which is Jewish learning, prayer, and acts of kindness. So, Torah. The verse is from Deuteronomy chapter 28, verse 9. The one is, keep the commandments of God. There are of them. We have to know how to live the way God wants us to live. So study is essential for us to carry out our obligations in the covenant.

The study of Torah is a commandment. It is a religious obligation. It is a religious endeavor. The study of the Torah for its own sake is regarded in Judaism as a spiritual experience, an act of worship, an act of service to God. When we use our minds to contemplate the realities of human life and human nature, to seek to gain insight into the mysteries of the world and the mysteries of God, and we uncover just a little bit more of the face of God through our learning, that is an act of worship.

That is Torah for its own sake. And our sages say that when two people or more sit together and study the Torah, the divine presence sits with them.

103 Random Acts of Kindness – Ideas to Inspire Kindness

It is through study that we know God and we experience God. The world stands on Torah. Thank you.

Random Acts of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart

That was beautiful. And they were singing in Hebrew as you could probably tell. And that passage is a song that we sing oftentimes on the Shabbat, the Sabbath. It comes from Exodus chapter 23 verse Now, this phrase at the beginning of the verses, you shall serve is the key element. The Hebrew word for service in the Bible is Avodah.

Avodah means service and in the context of the Hebrew Bible, service refers to sacrifice.

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They brought sacrifices, offerings of animals and things, to a temple that stood in the center of Jerusalem where the priests made the offerings on their behalf. Have you been to Jerusalem before? Anybody been to Jerusalem before? Right now, there are two mosques that sit on top, one with the gold dome and one with a black dome.

And it was at that temple where the ancient Israelites brought their offerings to the priests and the priests slaughtered the offerings in service of God. All of that changed in the year 70 of the common era. That was a watershed moment in Jewish life because it changed Judaism forever. Several years before that, the Jewish people living in the land of Israel had revolted against the Roman empire which ruled them.

And they fought for a while but ultimately Rome quashed the rebellion. They destroyed the city, destroyed the temple that stood in the middle of Jerusalem, and exiled the Jews through the Roman empire. In fact, you know about the western wall in Jerusalem? After the destruction of the temple, the practice of animal sacrifice came to an end.

Random Acts of Kindness - Ideas to Inspire Kindness

So you need to know that. Instead, what happened was that upon the destruction of the temple and the priesthood that attended to the temple, a new leadership emerged in the Jewish community. A sect of scholars known as rabbis became the leaders of Judaism and they reinterpreted the Torah for a new era. The sacrifice of the heart is prayer. And I do that through prayer. Prayer is the opening of the heart and the pouring out of the self as a gift to God. But in Judaism, prayer is that and much more. Prayer is an outward movement from the self toward God.

All of us have this spiritual energy inside of us.

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The metaphor for it is water. Our spiritual energy is like water inside of us. Prayer is about opening up the dam and letting the water, the essence of the self, pour out toward God as a gift of love and a gift of service. Prayer is service, the sacrifice of the heart. He describes this beautifully. Prayer is not a substitute for sacrifice. Prayer is sacrifice. What has changed is the substance of the sacrifice. The self took the place of the thing. The spirit is the same. In moments of prayer, we try to surrender our vanities, to burn our insolence, to abandon bias, envy.

We lay all our forces before Him. The word but an altar. We do not sacrifice. We are the sacrifice. The music selection is outstanding. And I appreciate it very much. The words of that piece are the musical interpretation of a treatise written by the scholar, Maimonides, in the 12th century, the thirteen principles of faith for the Jew. And the scriptural verse for this is found in Deuteronomy chapter 15 verse The verse reads, [Hebrew ]. So the third element of the tefillin, which I talked about before, is the initial of God marked here on my hand, which is a reminder that I am obligated to use my hands in the service of God in the world. And it is through our physical selves that we translate what we learn through the study of Torah and the insights that we gain through the act of prayer, we translate them into real, tangible, lived experiences in the world.

— Cultivating Wisdom & Kindness —

We do that by serving others with our hands and with our being. We serve God through the service of others. Acts of kindness in Jewish tradition is a commandment, a religious duty, a religious obligation. And this is one place in which Judaism may differ from some other ethical philosophies in the world. In English, we talk about the concept of charity.